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Group 1's adventure

This being our first ever Forest School Group, Myself (Mr Brain) and Mr Newton didn't know what to expect. It was as new to us as it was to the children. And I have to say it has been amazing. Seeing the children grow in confidence over the six weeks is fantasitc. Seeing their social and team work skills grow vastly, creating some young leaders of the future. Get out in the wood with them and see for yourselves what the outdoors can do for your children.

WEEK 1 Year 4 learned the FS rules, played team building and trust games, explored our FS area, made leaf firework pictures and had hot chocolate(Hmmmm).


WEEK 2 - This week Year 4 played our SHARKS game to get us warmed up and the Drip Drip Drop game, then we began to learn and use some useful knots. We then used them to built shelters during a hail stone shower (eek). And again drank some well earned hot chocolate.


Week 3 This week thankfully the weather was a lot kinder. The children built some great shelters dispite the gusty winds, played a new version of the old Rock, Paper, Scissors game called Wizzard, giants and Dwarfs, which helped show some fantastic team and comunication skills. Then the exciting part, after a safety talk we used flint and steels to (attempt) light our camp fire! This wasn't easy but showed some great determination from the children. This week we also enjoyed a change of refreshments, Hot Squash and Custard Creams....


Week 4 this week the FS team learned about Map Reading and Tree Identification. Using our FS area maps some took part in the Animal Treasure hunt and others use a branch id sheet to work out which trees we have on our site. The fire team also learned to light the camp fire to keep us warm using the flint and steels with Logan being the successful pupil. lots of games were played and we drank lots of hot squash....


Week 5 After a week of lovely blue skies the weather took a turn only hours before our session so the new shelter posts came in very handy for the children to errect their shelters. Both team put up great shelters with only a small amount of adult support, using their team skills, problem solving and knot skills. And despite the damp conditions Mr Newtons fire team lit a roaring camp fire (eventually). Then after our Tool Safety discussion the children used a Bow Saw to cut their wood cookies ready for the final session next Firday. We may of had some hot chocolate and chocolate fingers too.


WEEK 6 This was our final session of our first ever year 4 Forest School program. This week the children were left build shelters independently using the skills they have gained over the six session. The really did build some of the best dens yet. They used sticks to make natural picture frames and began using more tools including the hand drill. Then the fire team built a great roaring fire for us to toast out marshmallows on. We even lost track of time and had to leave the shelters up for Mr Brain to tidy away as parents were waiting. It’s been a fantastic start to our Forest Schools program. The children have excelled over the six weeks and have been a pleasure to work with. Mr Brain & Mr Newton.