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Diary of one of last years FS programmes.

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WEEK 1 - Fantastic start with our new group. We talked about the forest school rules and why we are outside taking part in it. Re enforcing the Log Circle rules (and keeping warm) with some messy games. We explored the area and collected sticks for a future activity before playing some team building games where we spent most on the time falling over. Finishing off the session with a hot chocolate and a game of Mob (most of the group didn't know how to play it!!). And hugged a tree....


WEEK 2 Shelter week. This week the children split themselves in to two teams ready to build their first shelters. Girls V Boys.....the girls teamwork and communication was fantastic but the boys, hmmmm, lets just say more practice is needed as building bear traps isn’t going to keep you dry. They learnt their first knots and used them in then builds and generally had a great time solving problems in order to build two good first shelters...oh and of course Hot Chocolate and mud was involved.


WEEK 3 Wizard, Giants, Dwarves & Fire. Busy and exciting week, with the cold weather we needed a camp fire. But first we warmed up with our FS version of Rock / Paper / Scissors called Wizards / Giants / Dwarves…..our version is played in teams and requires great team work and stealth. We also learnt a new knot, the clove hitch knot. Possibly our most successful knot session with everyone able to tie a Clove Hitch which we will use in our next shelter building session. The children then watch a FS safe fire lighting demonstration and we lit of campfire for the first time. They then had the opportunity to light a small cotton bud using a Flint and Steel which even though they really focussed and were determined to get a flame only two were successful, but even Mr Brain struggled this week….


WEEK 4 TOOLS This week saw the introduction for some tools. After our tool safety talk, each child used the bow saw for the first time to cut their wood cookies and then the hand drill. The first fire team were successful in lighting the camp fire and the shelter teams build two shelters before using their map reading skills to complete the animal treasure hunt....


WEEK 5 MORE TOOLS... Surprisingly the weather turned out ok so although we had a huge shelter built, we didn’t really need it. We played a memory around the log circle while Mr Brain and Mr Newton prepared our most exciting task yet. After our safety demonstration we used our Whittling Knives for the first time to carve some hazel claves. The children showed great skill and maturity during this task and carved some great claves. They also used the saws and knives to make natural picture frames to decorate the Forest Schools area. This was the first time we had advanced to whittling and the children were fantastic. We also used our Storm Kettle for the first time to make our hot chocolate. Great fire team this week too....


Week 6 Final week, Orienteering week. This was Group 2s final week in Forest Schools and our first try at Orienteering. After a windy attempt at shelter building we decided to give up and chose our orienteering teams. As it was the first time we have done this we played a simple picture game version, each pair were given a creature to find and stamp then return to base to be allocated another one. The winner being the pair who either complete the card or have the most stamps within the time. This was one of our favourite session so far, finished off with some hot chocolate and marshmallows on the fire. Well done guys!