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Year 4 Forest School

Cooling down with the DRIP DRIP DROP game
Independent shelter build
Found the Climbing Tree
Building the obstacle course.
Using tools
Elf houses
Great team shelter build.
We had some honey bee visit for the day.
Using the leaf idail to identify trees
Marking tree location on their maps
Using the stick method to measure the tree height

Jess and Courtney's obstacle course

Still image for this video
Great obstacle course
different technique...
Great Den and team work boys
Great Team Shelter
Adding ground sheets
A rainy Log Circle
frames made by using a latch knot
All smiles dispite the rain
Fab team work while using the bow saw
Using the folding saw to cut hazel for frames.
Making hazel frames and striking a pose.
free den building
Safe fire lighting using Flint and Steels
Problem solving to turn the tarp 360°
Dont step off!!
Acid River Team problem solving
Welly Wonder
Springs not far off....
Working hard on their team challenges
First attempt at a shelter
Using the trees as shelters
Lightning storm kettle for hot chocolate
Using problem solving to peg shelter
Testing the clove hitch knots
Natural pegs
Team building
Chilling under the trees
Great use of reef knots
Reef knots
Knot practice
Clove hitch knot
Is this big enough?
Idial to identify trees in our area
Building a home for the Tree Elves.
Determined to put the hole in the cookie.
Safe use of the bow saw.
Frame making
Ready to hang up in our Mob tree.
Wizards Dwarfs Giants game....
Showing others how to tie a frame.
Plotting tree location and species on map
Using flint and steel to light cotton ball
Natural fire lighter.
Tree spirits
Wood cookies
Great pumpkin team
Getting the fire started
Mud face paints