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The pages 'Literacy' and 'Maths' have been updated with lessons and activities    for your child to complete. Find under Week 6 - 01.06.2020


Thank you for your continued support!


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Our new topic is.....                


Your mission should you choose to accept it is.....to click on Placemats- Number 3 where you will find lots of activities you can try out over the next fortnight. Lots of the activities are practical so have lots of fun getting creative and exploring the galaxy.

Remember you don't have to do them all, you may think of your own ideas and that is FANTASTIC. 


Please remember, whilst we are encouraging that children complete as many tasks as possible, we understand that the wellbeing of your child/ren and family are your priority at this time and we fully support your judgement on the work completed. Also a big thank you to all you fantastic parents for the support you are giving your children at home - we really appreciate it!



We would love to see what you have been doing so please share your work, photographs and pictures by emailing us or sharing on Twitter. 


Have lots of fun space cadets!!!





Good afternoon everyone! All the Foundation Phase staff want to say a massive thank you to you all for your hard work this term. Everyone is doing a brilliant job in exceptional circumstances and half term is well deserved! Time to put your feet up, relax and enjoy the sun (fingers crossed for it!) The activities suggested below for next week are optional, whatever you choose do over half term we hope you have a lovely one. We will upload new activities for June 1st.

Thanks again everyone!




Suggested Whitsun half term activities

National Park Young Ambassadors 


The Beacons National Park has opened an initiative allowing young children to become self assessed National Park Young Ambassadors. It’s a really simple, fun way to help children connect with nature and their local environment. It focuses on four key areas, Discovery, Enjoyment, Understanding and Conservation.
It’s a great little exercise that is simple, free and might help you share some outdoor leaning time together.
Click the link below to find out more! 


Hello everyone!
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is “kindness.”

Have a go at completing some of the kindness challenges below, or think of other ways to be kind.          Remember to take pictures and tweet them or send them to your class teacher. 

Picture 1


Bore da! Parents/ carers please could you help your child/ren complete the survey below by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. 
Diolch! ๐ŸŒˆ




Quiz time! ๐Ÿ’ญ
Put your thinking caps on, can you recognise any of the Foundation Phase staff as toddlers? We would love to see your answers so please post them below or email your answers to your class teacher. Have fun and good luck ๐Ÿ€

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VE day 75th celebrations!!!

We hope you all had lots of fun on Friday.

We wanted to share our photos with you of what we did to celebrate VE day.

Looking forward to seeing what you got up to


We miss you all heart

Stay safe๐ŸŒˆ


The Year Two Teamsmiley

Mrs Callard enjoying VE day celebrations

Mrs Callard enjoying VE day celebrations 1

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed VE day celebrations. I made an afternoon tea for my family and we listened to World War 2 songs 


Miss you all

Stay safe ๐ŸŒˆ

Mrs Callardheart xx

Mrs Ford enjoying VE day celebrations

Mrs Ford enjoying VE day celebrations 1

Mr Ford made bacon and egg toasties for breakfast while I decorated the garden with bunting that I made in the week. I also hung  some bunting of the flags of the European countries we had left over from a party once. We then enjoyed a lovely picnic in the garden with our two Westies- Henry and Oscar. We listened to some music and sang songs. 


Hope you all had lots of fun at home with your families.

Take care

Love from Mrs Ford xx

My Grandad Mr Owen Filer

My  Grandad Mr Owen Filer 1


This is my Grandad Owen who served in the Army in India in WW2 and later served in the military police there between the years of 1940 and 1945. 

He turned 100 years old on 19th October 2019. 


My other Grandad Phillip ( who unfortunately I don't have a photo of in his uniform) served in the Merchant Navy.

He was only 15 years old but you had to be 17 years old- he told a little fib to join.

He travelled all over South America, South Africa and Europe. He left the navy early due to medical reasons and then met my Nan. 


We raised a toast to them yesterday yesheart





Miss Attwood and family enjoying VE day

Miss Attwood and family enjoying VE day 1

I enjoyed VE day celebrations by decorating our front garden by hanging red, white and blue bunting.

My two boys Evan and Jake helped by colouring in the bunting. I also planted red, white and blue flowers into pots to put in my back garden- Lissy, my dog is tried to help too!

We also had a lovely BBQ and waved to our neighbours across the street.


Hope you all had fun with your families on VE day.

Take care everyone

Love from Miss Attwood xx

VE Day Celebrations 

Mrs Morgan celebrated VE day by baking.

I made some really tasty cupcakes and decorated them with red, white and blue icing as our flag is red, white and blue. I also made some carrot scones using a WW2 recipe! I hope you all had lots of fun celebrating with your families!

Missing you, 
Mrs Morgan

Mrs Cox celebrating VE Day with a garden party.

Mrs Cox celebrating VE Day with a garden party.  1

Hi everyone! I had a great time celebrating VE Day. Bella helped me to get creative by making some bunting and posters to decorate our garden. Then we had a little garden party with some delicious food, games and dancing. How did you celebrate? Don’t forget to share your pictures with us!! 
Stay safe!! XxX 




Thank you from Mrs Cox

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Thank you from Mrs Ford 03.05.20

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Bore da pawb! Welcome to May. During this time it's important that we look after our wellbeing and that of others. Below is the new 'Mindfulness Calendar' for this month. Have a go at some of the activities on your own or with your family. 

Take care and keep safe

Year 2 Team heart


International dance day๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ

Still image for this video
Miss Bloor has a dancing challenge for you.
We hope you have lots of fun whilst doing it!

Bore da blwyddyn dau!!
I hope you have all had a lovely week. It has been lovely to hear from some of you and see what lovely things you have been getting up to. 
I hope you are all enjoying the international topic. What country have you chosen? I chose Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น and decided to make some delicious spaghetti carbonara and bruschetta. It was delicious! 
Have you made any yummy food from your chosen country? Send me some of your pictures please as I love hearing from you and your families. Missing you all very much!!

Stay safe everyone!
lots of love,

Mrs Cox  


Picture 1

Prynhawn da 
I hope you are all enjoying learning about the country you have picked and you are finding out lots of interesting facts. 

I chose to cook something from France, we normally go there every year on holiday!
I made croque monsieur, it has ham and cheese in it. The croque monsieur has been on menus in France since 1910! 


Hope you are all enjoying spending time with your families in the sunshinesmiley


Hope to see you all soon, 
Missing you all, 
Mrs Morgan x

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 26.04.20 Morning boys and girls!


As part of our International Project I thought I would choose Greece to inspire me and because I love Greek foodlaughyes

So for lunch one day last week I made a delicious Greek salad, with home-made coleslaw, warm toasted pitta bread, olive bread and traditional tzatziki dip. I enjoyed it whilst sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine, pretending I was on holiday in Greece. 


Have any of you been to Greece before? Where did you go and what did you enjoy about it? 


Hope you've had fun this week learning about your chosen country.

If you would like to share any news or photographs of what you've been up to, don't forget you can email me. 

Thank you to those who have already emailed me, it is so lovely to hear from you and your families!


Take care and stay safe everyonewink

Miss you all loads 

Mrs Ford xxx

Picture 1

Hi boys and girls!


Me and my boys had a lovely BBQ in the garden.

I cooked burgers with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. We also had fries too.

We all enjoyed a picnic in the garden because the weather was so warm and sunny. 


Hope you are all enjoying learning about different countries and

have found out lots of interesting facts. smiley

Hope you are all enjoying spending time with your families.


Hope to see you all very soon


Miss you all lots

Miss Attwood xxx

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Mr Bishop has put together some Minecraft challenges for you to do - see below.

You can access Minecraft via your HWB accounts, instructions of how, are in the document below.


So give it a go! Happy building and creating!

Thank you Mr Bishop 

Mrs Ford

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A message from Mrs Cox

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Our new topic is: 



choose a country of your choice to research


Go to the 'Placemat' area to find ideas, activities, resources and weblinks to help you with this project/topic. There are lots of activities which are hands on, practical and fun.


Please remember, whilst we are encouraging that children complete as many tasks as possible, we understand that the wellbeing of your children and family are your priority at this time and we fully support your judgement on the work completed. Also a big thank you to all you fantastic parents for the support you are giving your children at home - we really appreciate it!


Please share any work done by tweeting @llanyprimary or emailing us, we really would like to see the children's fabulous work and send them a message back. 

The main thing is that you have fun and enjoy!!!!!!

If you have any questions or need any support with regards to the work provided, please contact your child’s teacher through email. Also please email us with updates on their activities and how they are getting on! We are really looking forward to hearing from you!!laugh

Mrs Ford - mrsford@llanyrafonprimary.co.uk

Mrs Cox - mrscox@llanyrafonprimary.co.uk



Mr Newton, our TA who leads the Forest Schools sessions, has compiled some simple outdoor activities for the children to do at home. The  activities are achievable within your garden or during your daily walk. So give them a go! Thank you Mr Newton  smiley 


Here is a message for all the families of Llanyrafon Primary School. We miss you all, stay safe everybody ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒˆ 



We have recently asked you to create rainbows and cheerful pictures to make people smile, we saw some lovely examples on Twitter - da iawn everyone, we have loved seeing all your pictures. 

This time we would like you to draw around your hand and ask an adult in your home to write 5 special things about you, or you could even write 5 special things about yourself. Once you have completed it display this in your window alongside your rainbows and pictures you have created.


Don't forget to tweet a picture on twitter @llanyprimary or email them to your teachers for them to see.

Diolch yn fawr! smiley






Prynhawn da pawb! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I hope you are all staying safe at home!
I've been busy this week making bread for my family, my two girls absolutely loved it! 
I did make a bit of a mess with the flour and got some on my clothes and even in my hair!
It was really easy to make. Have you made any tasty snacks or meals with your families?
Enjoy the sunshine and I'll see you soon!


Mrs Morgan x






Hello boys and girls ๐Ÿ‘‹


I hope you are all having fun and are enjoying the sunshineโ˜€๏ธ

Myself and my two sons Evan and Jacob have been busy over the last few days making a birdhouse for our garden. Here is a before and after picture I thought I'd share with you. 

Stay safe everyone and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Miss Attwood xx

Picture 1
Picture 2




Hi Everyone!

It's Friday already. Hope you've enjoyed a good workout with Joe Wicks PE session this morning.

As next week is the Easter holidays we have sent you a few "eggciting ideas" to get you ready for Easter. Have a go at a few and enjoy being creative and having fun.

Click on the PDF link below saved: FPH Eggcellent Eggciting Easter activities


Please share your photos with your class teacher or on Twitter so we can see what you've been up to.laugh



Have fun and remember -Stay safe! yes


Boreda and Good morning everyone!


How are you all? Hope you are all staying safe and looking after each other.

It is so important to stay active whilst at home so I thought I would share a photo of one of the ways I am staying fit and healthy. Every morning I walk my two dogs which they look forward to.We have a big field near me which they love exploring and having a good run.


Enjoy whatever you do.

Remember to stay active and post some of your photos of you and your family enjoying your time at home together. I would love to see them!


Take care, stay safe. Miss you all

Mrs Ford xxx

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1


Hi everyone!

I am really enjoying starting each day with the Joe Wicks PE workout on YouTube. Bella and I do this nice and early every morning to start our day. It gives us lots of energy for the day ahead and makes us smile! What are you doing to keep yourselves fit and healthy? Please email some pictures of yourselves exercising so I can see what you are getting up to. Stay safe and have fun!

 Mrs Cox xxx



Last week we asked you to create rainbows to make people smile, we saw some lovely examples on Twitter - da iawn all:) Keep them coming!

Get all your arty stuff out to draw or paint some colourful, cheerful pictures, you can add a message of hope or get well wishes to your picture too if you want. Use your imagination, and lots of bright colours to make someone smile.  smiley


Display these in your windows and either show us your artistic creations on twitter @llanyprimary or email them to your teachers for them to see.

Diolch yn fawr!




Hi everyone! Missing you all.


Hope you've all been having a good day and enjoying your learning whether it has been spent in the garden, reading a book, helping out around the house, working out to Joe wicks or sat completing some activities... as long as you are keeping busy, it's learning!


Just wanted to remind you, our partnership with @NuffieldHealth have kindly put together a resource pack for pupils and parents to access: 






Bore da bawb!

We hope you are ready to start another busy week of home learning. We were really impressed by all of your hard work last week so please keep this up. 

Remember to send some pictures to your class teacher via email or twitter.

Stay safe and have fun.

We look forward to hearing from you soon xsmileyx



Check out Hwb and navigate to Just2easy and click on j2blast tile: choose Spell blast or Tt blast for practising spellings and times tables. 



Prynhawn da again! We hope you have made the best of the sunshine this week. Maybe you've even started your home learning pack sat in the garden. Send us an email or a tweet to show us what you have been up to! @LlanyPrimary

Parents/carers if you have any questions or concerns don't forget you can contact us via email (our addresses are below).

Stay safe everyone, we hope to see you soon!

The Foundation Phase Team



Prynhawn Da! Rainbows are popping up in windows across the country, this week we would like you to join in. Be as creative as you like drawing your Rainbow, you can use chalk, paint, pencil etc. When done, display your rainbow inside or outside to make others smile.


Tweet us your finished rainbows @LlanyPrimary 

Enjoy your crafty time!

Year two Team