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We are Criw Cymraeg and it is our job to promote Welsh around our school. We meet every week during lunchtime to make decisions on how to promote speaking welsh at Llanyrafon. 


This year we are working hard to encourage as much Welsh language around the school as we can. We listen carefully in our classrooms and reward children with two dojos every time they use welsh in the classroom. 



Every week we have a Welsh assembly. During our assembly we sing Welsh songs, we say a Welsh prayer and Criw Cymraeg introduce a 'phrase of the fortnight' that we  encourage  children to use in their classrooms. We will share the phrase of the week on this page for you as well as on the weekly newsletter. 










DatePhrase of the Week  
17.05.24Bore da! (Good Morning!) Pryn hawn da! (Good Afternoon) Nos da! (Goodnight) 
3.06.24Ble mae...? (Where is...?) 
17.06.24Ble est ti? (Where did you go?) 
24.06.24Oes _____' da ti?' Do you have a _____?  
1.07.24Sut wyt ti'n teimlo? How are you feeling?