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We are Criw Cymraeg and it is our job to promote Welsh around our school. 


This year we are working towards Cymraeg Campus Silver Award so we have lots of hard work to do.



Every Wednesday we have a Welsh assembly. We sing Welsh songs, we say a Welsh prayer and Criw Cymraeg introduce a 'phrase of the week.' We will share the phrase of the week on this page for you.


Date Foundation Phase Key Stage 2
2.10.19 "Beth wyt ti'n eisiau?"  "Ga i'r..." 
"Mae'n amser cinio."
"Mae'n amser cinio/chwarae/mynd adre."
21.10.19 Revision of simple phrases (Above) Revision of simple phrases (Above)
11.11.19   Ble rwyt ti'n mynd?
18.11.19 Ty bach os gwelwch yn dda Wyt ti'n cytuno?







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